We have been shooting weddings for almost 10 years.  We are based out of Wisconsin but service the Chicagoland area as well.  We are the preferred vendor at many of the midwest’s top venues and with many of the top wedding planners.  We absolutely love what we do.

When you hire OFDP, we are there to make make a movie of your day, not just capture the events as they happen.  Our style is cinematic and we like to tell “your story”.  Besides focusing on the people involved, we also capture every little detail that you spend so much time planning.  We never ask you or your guests to pose or interact with the camera.  Everything we shoot is very natural and in the moment.  We are very unobtrusive and stay in the background all day.

We offer two different types of shoots – digital HD and vintage super 8mm film.

Digital HD

All of our digital HD packages are shot with the latest DSLR technology.  Our DSLR cameras have larger sensors than most traditional HD camcorders and his allows for a shallow depth of field which is a common trait of movies.  Cinematographers can finally have that pleasing look of throwing the background out of focus which gives the image that “film look”.  You can not achieve this look with a traditional camcorder used by most video professionals.  This technology along with our artistic, cinematic style has lead us to a re-invention of the wedding video.  These cameras allow us to have endless creativity along with a final product that will never go out of style.

Vintage Super 8mm Film

Super 8mm film first appeared in the 1960s.  For couples seeking a vintage look, this is the perfect fit.  If your grandparents had a wedding video, it was probably on Super 8mm film. Do not be fooled by fake film filters put on digital video.  These filters do not come close to recreating this nostalgic look.  Your wedding on Super 8mm film will quickly become a prized family heirloom and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Can’t decide between HD and Super 8mm film?  Consider a custom package containing both for the ultimate multi-media experience.


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